The NBA playoffs explained

The NBA is one of the major sporting associations in the United States, and as online connectivity has allowed more international viewers to keep track of American sports, more people are able to be a part of the NBA and the events it hosts. One of the biggest events on the NBA calendar is the playoffs, which are the finale to a series of games played throughout a season. This is often regarded as the most important time for NBA players and teams, as this is when the truly skilled teams stand out and names are made and remembered.

The NBA Season End

The NBA season is one of the longest sporting seasons in the United States, and by the end of it, only 8 teams remain. These are the 8 teams that take part in the NBA playoffs, and by the end of the playoffs, only one team can be crowned the winner for that entire season. The teams are split into two sides, known as the playoffs bracket, with four teams on the east and the other four teams on the west. The bracket moves inward, and as a team wins, they are moved one space more toward the centre, and ultimately, victory.

The initial games that all 8 teams play are called the first rounds, and from there, the winning teams will be moved into the semis. From those four teams left, the teams that win on both sides will be moved into the finale before facing each other in the final. While this is the basic premise of the progression made during the playoffs on the bracket, the actuality of the matter is more complicated, and there are multiple aspects that are considered as the teams face off against each other.

The NBA Playoffs: Seeding

Seeding is a process where the teams with the best records will play against the teams with the worst records. This creates a balance between the teams, allowing all the teams to play on even ground. The first team seeded will be the team with the best records, and their opponents will be the 8th team, which will be the team with the worst records. Whoever wins the games during this will be moved into the semis and interested peoples can bet on sports betting brands.

The team that has the highest record will also gain home court advantage, meaning that a portion of the games played will be done so at that team’s home court.

The NBA Playoffs: Games

There are a total of 7 games played during the playoffs, with a format of 2-2-1-1-1. The team with home court advantage hosts games 1,2, 5, and 7, while the teams that do not have home court advantage will host the remainder of the games. This allows the team with the home court advantage to play more games at home, which is considered quite an advantage for any team.

The NBA Playoffs and Betting

The NBA playoffs are not only the biggest basketball event during the season, but also the time for the best betting to be made on Aussie sports betting sites. Learning how the playoffs work, such as seeding and the format is vital to making low risk, high reward bets. The more informed a bettor is, the better the chance they have of winning some real money.