Most Popular Horse Racing Bets

Australia is a horse racing nation – whichever way you choose to look at it. Totalling to more than 360 in number, this beloved country has more racecourses than any other country or nation on earth.  Thoroughbred horse racing is especially popular, showcasing the absolute cream of the crop at world-famous events such as the Melbourne Cup and Victoria Derby. Modern-day horse racing has come a long way and at a steady trot since the arrival of the first four-legged athletes in 1788.

Annual revenue gleaned from horse racing bets is estimated at a smashing 16 Billion Australian Dollars.  It is then no small wonder that bookmakers endeavour to keep the industry fresh and exciting – continually inventing and re-inventing popular horse racing bets.

Predicting The Winner – As Good As It Gets

Correctly predicting the winner of a specific race is about as satisfying as it gets. Besides the personal reward, this type of bet also usually yields a generous pay-out.

The Place Bet

When wagering on a place bet, a prediction is made as to which horses will finish in first or second position.  Seeing that the odds are slightly more in the punter’s favour, the place bet generally pays out a little less handsomely than the win bet.

The Show – The Plus One To The Place

When placing a bet on the show, the punter must predict who the podium belongs to – and in what order.  The first, second and third positions must be selected accurately.

Upping The Stakes – Exotic Wagers

Exotic bets are more creative by nature. These combine a host of different situational outcomes, and may even border on the fantastic and the highly unlikely. Favourite exotic bet types include the Exacta, the Quinella, the Trifecta, the Superfecta and the Daily Double at the Australian betting sites.

First up is the Exacta – a wager is placed on the prediction of two horses to come in specifically in  first place and specifically in second. The Quinella is a more relaxed variation of the Exacta; two horses are earmarked for first and second places – irrespective of who crosses the finish line ahead of who.

The Trifecta is the Exacta on stimulants – this time including three horses instead of only two. The identities of the three horses to cross over the finish line in first, second and third place are predicted, and in which order.

This is the point at which the Superfecta enters the playing field – requiring the punter to name the identities and order of the first four horses to cross over the finish line. Superfecta bets yield grand and enormous prize payouts, due to the nature of the odds.

Last but not least in this particular range of exotic bets is the Daily Double. The Daily Double puts an interesting spin on things. Punters have to correctly predict who the winners will be during two consecutive race events – as if accurately calling the identity of one winner isn’t challenging enough already. The Daily Double has been known to turn ordinary men into masters of their own wealth.