Place The Most Popular NRL Bets

The NRL is an exciting league that consists of 10 teams from the different states within Australia. It showcases the best in domestic Aussie rugby and is jam packed with the kind of fixtures that get punters excited.

Since the professionalization of the sport of rugby we have seen a dramatic increase in the quality and depth of the sport in general, and Australian rugby is no exception.

It is no surprise then than NRL bets are so common place in our corner of the world: the allure of great odds and mind altering rugby action is just too much for mere mortals to simply ignore.

Ladder Abbreviations

Often times those that are new to the world of NRL bets will find themselves looking at the leader board trying to decipher the cryptic lettering and odds displayed. Here is a basic run down of what the letters on the board mean to potential punters.

P is for played. This denotes the number of games played in the season. When a bet has been placed for a team to win the competition then this number will affect the odds based on what the other numbers are showing. W is for wins. Perhaps the most important stat to a punter as it shows how dominant the team has been throughout the season at a glance.

D is for draws, L is for losses and B is for byes. Byes will determine if your team is playing or not on the day in question. F is ‘points for’ and A is ‘points against’.  The +/- symbols shows the points difference between teams and is another great stat for NRL bets to be aware of as it generally tells you how the season has been for that particular team.

HR is the home record and AR is away record. These can be an interesting stat in and of themselves as they can sometimes alert punters to serious problems with a team, especially if they are losing games at home.

Popular Bets

Top odds for NRL bets are an integral part of the NZ punter’s calendar as by watching the state of rugby over in Australia a greater sense of the upcoming international matches in the season can be established. Not to mention the entertainment value of this top notch seasonal tournament.

The professionalism and organization of the event allows the hobbyist punter to zero in on the action and concentrate on arguably the most important facet of the game: the betting.

What To Bet On

There are some fun betting targets that punters can chase down. A popular multi game bet will see punters trying to predict the winners of multiple games throughout a weekend and secure a clean sweep and a fat prize. This is tricky due to the nature of the game of rugby but is more than possible if a punter has done his or her homework.

Points betting is another fun option for those wanting to partake in some NRL bets. This will see a punter predicting the scores of each team and can be a thrilling wager to place as the watching the match unfold can lead to a nail-biting finish!