A Guide To The Asian Beach Games

The Asian Beach Games is a unique sporting event geared specifically for athletes from all over Asia. Organized by the Olympic Council of Asia, the Asian Beach Games is a diverse sporting event, which infuses a mixture of traditional and Western sports into a scenic beach turf.

Punters will be delighted by the sheer variety within the Games. A host of athletes from forty-five different competing nations swarm onto the beaches in search of a golden token to commemorate their excellence in a chosen sporting category.

The Asian Beach Games provide for an exciting opportunity as the nature of traditional sports is flipped over by a change of surface, the beach.

The Countries

The Asian Beach Games caters specifically for countries whose National Olympic Committee is recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia. The official number of nations competing in the games currently stands at a whopping forty-five.

Countries from all over Asia participate in the AFL premiership betting and include the likes of Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, North and South Korea, Lebanon, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Palestine, Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam to name but a few.

Ranking The Nations

Punters who opt to wager on the Asian Beach Games will likely consider wagering on the medal tally accumulated by each participating nation.

In the history of the games Thailand has accumulated the most medals, with 130 gold, 97 silver and 91 bronze medals they have achieved a total of 318 medals in the events lifetime.

Vietnam trails in second position, with 62 gold, 68 silver and 70 bronze medals, achieving a lifetime total of 200 Asian Beach games medals.

China ranks in third with 60 gold, 55 silver and 64 bronze medals achieving a total 179 Asian Beach Games medals.

At the bottom of the rankings Palestine has managed to acquire just 1 bronze medal throughout the games.

The Games

The Asian Beach Games incorporate traditional and popular Western sports into relaxing beach culture. The event is hugely popular and the alternating host nations buzz with excitement as the athletes take to the beach to battle it out for the top token.

A variety of classic games are on offer, the event comprises of beach sports that include all time favourites such as beach water polo, beach athletics, beach soccer, beach handball, beach volleyball and beach wrestling.

The Asian Beach Games incorporates numerous disciplines, with martial arts being a traditional favourite. The games keep competition and wagering opportunities interesting with other sports such as 3 on 3 basketball, paragliding and squash cementing their place in the schedule.

Wagering On The Games

The wagering options are endless in a diverse sporting event such as the Asian Beach Games. Punters can lay wagers on a range of possibilities that range from outright winners in head to head competition such as the martial arts section and backing country options, where the nature of the game is team based such as the volleyball or soccer games.

Sports enthusiasts opting to wager on the Asian Beach Games should research various countries and the competition for each event. Wagering on the medals tally is also a popular option within the games and is subject to fast paced odds that rapidly vary from day to day.

The Asian Beach Games is diverse with intense daily schedules, this allows for a unique wagering affair within the competition. Punters should check listings and only use reputable methods that are regulated and licensed.