Pull-Tab Cards: An Overview of Instant Game Option

Pull-Tab Cards are an Instant Game Option

An instant lottery game, a game of chance where money can be won immediately, is also called a pull-tab, Popp-Opens®, break opens, cherry bells, lucky 7s, Nevada tickets, pickle cards, instant bingo and bowl games, depending on where one is. The game comprises of the purchase of a small card, often made of thin paper-based card and plastic, and the object is to open the perforated windows at the back of the ticket and match the symbols concealed inside the ticket to the winning combinations on the front of the ticket. In operation the pull-tab functions similarly to regular scratch cards, where the symbols are also concealed until the owner scrapes off the covering to reveal them.

Uses of Pull-Tab Tickets

There are some variations within this form of instant lottery game. The pull-tab tickets can have up to five perforated window tabs that can be opened. The purchase value of the card covered a wide range of options and although generally not expensive, has been known to go up to $5000. In addition the inside area can reveal numbers, prizes or symbols, depending on the usage of the card.

Pull-tabs, as instant lottery games are a very popular form of gambling due to their low cost and the opportunity to win prizes and money instantly. This just has a universal appeal. The popularity of instant pull-tabs has been increasing at a greater rate than any other form of lottery, according to many commercial reports, but this is also due to the wide variety of uses. The spectrum of uses that pull-tabs cover includes gambling as an instant-win lottery ticket or as a charitable fund-raising tool, which extends their use and applicability.

Pull-Tab Tickets Available Online

The first electronic virtual pull-tab instant lottery gambling games were patented in 1990. These electronic pull-tabs simulate pulling the tabs on the card and have become available for any number of prize winning and gambling applications. These virtual pull-tabs can now be purchased, sold, and played online. Similarly, with real money pokies for mobile and electronic pull-tabs, prizes can be collected immediately, and all over an Internet connection. Similarly pull-tabs are now not only available online, but also even on mobile devices.

The Chances of Winning

At the core of the pull-tabs system is a finite set of chances. This means that all the electronic pull-tab devices sold are subject to control and monitoring from a central computer. Each device is unique and amongst the entire sample there is a finite set of chances. This is due to the finite number that are made, and cannot exceed the maximum number per set or ‘deal’ as they are called. The sizes of the sets are regulated in each jurisdiction where they are available, and usually vary between maximum runs of 6 000 up to about 30 000. The chances of winning are therefore calculable since there are a predetermined quantity of winning and losing chances.

Players should be sensible and only acquire instant lottery games and pull-tabs from reputable sites in order to avoid any potential risk to themselves. Nevertheless these pull-tabs remain exciting and extremely useful for fund-raising projects.