How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine

Slots are gambling games, so the house always has the advantage over players. But there are a few hints you can use to reduce this! Giving yourself the best chance to win at slots is easier than you think!

Be sure and manage your expectations, however. If you go in expecting to win each time, you’re going to have a miserable time. But if you go in just expecting to have a good time, try out interesting new mechanics, or explore your favourite game theme, you’re going to have fun, for sure.

Do You Know How Slots Work?

Knowing how these machines actually work is an important first step. As simple and easy as it may be to press Spin and wait for your winning combinations to unfold, there’s a little knowledge and practice that goes into making it enjoyable.

Spend some time doing a little research online and make sure you understand words and phrases like Paylines, Return to Player, and Winning Odds.

How the RTP Affects the Game

By far the quickest way to start winning more slots games is to focus your gameplay on games with the highest RTPs since these are the ones with the best odds.

The RTP is a number that indicates how likely it is that you will win your slot. The numbers show the total percentage of wins over that sum of stakes played and is expressed on a scale ranging from 1 to 100, the latter being the best.

Naturally, there are no games with an RTP percentage of 100, because that would mean the house never wins. You want to look out for a game with an RTP of at least 96.5%.

Pick a Volatility Level That Suits You

Volatility is connected to risk, so higher volatility slot machines are games with higher risk. To make up for this, they offer bigger, better payouts than their low and medium volatility counterparts do, So, while they might not happen as frequently as games from the other group do, when they do hit, they hit hard!

Lower volatility games are a safer bet, with smaller wins paid out more often.

Know Your Limit

When it comes to slots machines, the limits refer to the maximum and minimum wagers it’s possible to place. It is very important that you check these out before you start spinning the reels. You need to ensure that the highest and lowest stakes are within the bankroll you’ve decided to play with.

When In Doubt, Check the Payout Table

Sure, slots rely on luck, but we heartily recommend taking a look at the paytable before you begin so you can get a feel for things. Make sure there aren’t too many symbols, to start with, and be on the lookout for mechanics that boost players’ wins, like Scatter symbols, Wild icons, and Free Spins features.

Have Fun!

It’s so easy to forget that your main goal is to have a good time! Winning can mean money, of course, but it can also mean just having a fabulous time.